Top Directory of Business Explainer Video Production Companies

Here’s list of the top video production firms that offer business explainer videos. You can also find more at Note: The vast majority of these firms start their pricing at $2500.

COMPARE! Every Firm Listed Below Charges 5 or 10 Times What FunnerVids Charges! If you want to pay $10k or $20k for a video, go ahead, we won’t stop you. But ours are only $999 and pretty awesome we think. :)

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  • Louis

    Pretty cool that you list your competitors on your site. I just did that in a blog post on my site as well.

    • admin

      Thanks. We’re pretty confident we can compete against the big expensive boys.

  • Lonric Studios

    Actually we here at Lonric Studios don’t charge 5 to 10 times more. Are prices are very reasonable. Just wanted to clear that up. Thanks for listing us though.

    5 or 10 Times

  • Explainify

    Well, there are a ton of different styles and a huge difference in the time it takes to make different videos. These guys probably spend ~100-200 hours on a video. If that’s the case then we too should be in this list because we make pretty remarkable videos that take a ton of time and research to make. Cool you list your competition though. I have no problem with it. Hope business is going great for you!

  • Loud Videos

    Pretty huge competitors list! Some video studios make just genius animations. I really like when explainer is funny AND to the point (lists obvious benefits for people watching it). Also some studious have huge reputation and big clients or clients willing to go with them just because of their authority. My video service is also “cheap” comparing to prices listed above. You can add it to your list .

  • Azizul Yusof

    Wow! your competitors is my competitors too, and there are many of them! LOL.

    Well i don’t like to call other providers/company as Competitors, sometimes i called them Inspirations and most of the time i like to see them and all of us here as Friends.

    Well why not right? we can always help each other out, gives support, gives inspirations and maybe trade Sales Leads.

    Anyway, i thought i should share my Campaign page here Doing some simple campaign, just helping out small businesses to get the same advantage as those bigger Businesses.

    Nice knowing you all folks.

    Best Regards,


  • Video Chef

    Nothing wrong with healthy competition as it is pushing everyone to its maximum peak performance.

    Regarding pricing, it is the thing of positioning and branding and it is not necessary that pricing reflects the quality.

    Since we are a new player in a marketplace we started with low priced HQ videos, check us out at , thanks

  • Adam

    Great list and fair competition, I think is missing from the list as we offer high quality explainer videos at an affordable cost.

  • QB Media

    Great list! And as everyone else is doing it, lets add our company to this list too:

    Thanks 😉

  • Chloe Nosko

    At the end of the day, you get what you pay for… however if you are a small startup or can’t budget for a full cost video I suppose this is a more reasonable option for you.

    Thanks for the shoutout, all the best

  • manish kakkar

    This is good information..
    we are explainer video creator. We defy creativity and imagination when it comes to creating an explainer videos for your business. Check our animated video production services for your business.
    have a glace on my creation :)

  • Gist+Video = Gisteo

    Great list! Glad that my company, Gisteo ( is on it!

  • White Knight Video

    We don’t believe that price is the bottom line. Quality, customer service, and custom creativity all stand in higher regard according to our clients. Feel free to add us to the list also…

  • Marc Smith

    Thanks for adding us to the list. Although we don’t charge 5 or 10 times the prices you mention. Our prices start at $875 for up to 1 minute. Here is a link to our explainer video prices.

  • Video Explainers – Animated Ex

    Please add our company to your list

  • Konstantin

    How about adding us? 😀