Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers! Here you go. Feel free to contact us if we haven’t answered it below.

Can We Have A Video With A Voiceover Track?

Absolutely, in fact, videos with voice overs might be just want you need to make your video really sing! The cost to have a video produced with a professional voice over is an additional $499. Don’t worry, we have highly-skilled voice actors on staff ready to read your script. To order a video with a professional voice over, go ahead and place your order, then after you order you’ll be prompted to a screen where you can add the voice over. Easy as pie.

Who Writes The Script?

We do. You simply tell us a little bit about your video idea after you order, then we take it from there. You get to approve it of course.

How Do I Get A Quote?

There is no quote needed. Our price is $999, that’s it. No extra fees. No lengthy quote process. Take a look at our videos and if you like them, then you will be satisfied with what you get.

Do We Get A Storyboard?

There’s no need for a big storyboard. The script will be short and sweet and will give you enough of an idea of how it will work.

How Long Will My Video Be?

We’re going to try and keep it under 90-seconds as that is the optimal length. However, we can go over if we have to. This is all about having funner isn’t it?

Can We Use Our Own Photos & Graphics In The Video?

Absolutely! If you want to send us your own photographs and logos and illustrations to use we’ll use them. Otherwise, we’ll pick from our extensive library collection.

How Many Changes Can We Make?

We’ll do it until we get it right. Happy customers means more referrals, and we love both.

Why Is This So Inexpensive Compared To Other Video Firms?

We make fun, engaging and powerful videos that help you convert leads and sales. Other video firms who do big, fancy animations are great, but we think those are overkill, especially if you’re going be asked to pay $5k, $10k or $20,000 for them. Our software lets us build our videos quickly so you can spend less time (and money) getting your video live and working for you.

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