Video Book Trailer: Amaze Every Customer

We just wrapped an “amazing” new video book trailer for author Shep Hyken who wrote the book Amaze Every Customer. Shep knows that if you want to get people’s attention quickly and effectively, then you need to use the power of video to explain what problems you solve for them quickly in a way that is more than just some words on a page.

You can see how Shep uses the video front and center on his author website to sell more books. Visit

Schumacher Homes Explainer Video Demo

“FunnerVids made us a video that explains our core benefits much better and faster. We would certainly use them again.” – Jeffrey Gannon | Marketing Manager, Schumacher Homes

Sometimes you just can’t explain what you want through words. This video for Schumacher Homes explains to potential home buyers how Schumacher can customize anything they want in their new home. We were able to show the hand drawn effect to illustrate how a simple home plan could be modified and upgraded very easily, giving the customer a clear idea of how they could do anything.

Ready for your own video explanation of your business? Order a FunnerVids video today.

2013 Is The Year To Finally Get A Video Done

Send yourself the gift of more sales and leads for your business in 2013. You don’t need another tie for Christmas. You need a Funner Video. Did you know that a video on your website or landing page can increase conversions by up to 75%?

The truth is that nobody reads anymore. Videos like engage and keep attention, and drive the point home. That means you can communicate your message more effectively, and therefore increase your sales and leads.

You watched this video, right? 🙂