New Voiceover: Marcus

Meet Marcus, our latest voiceover talent. Book a Funnervid today and choose Marcus to read your script.

New Voiceover: Authentic British Accent

Meet Peter, our latest British voiceover talent. Book a Funnervid today and choose Peter to read your script.

Turn Your Infographic Into A Video

Need another great way to share your infographic with the world? Easily turn it into a video with a FunnerVid! Check out this example below.

The Amazing Power of Video

In the past week there have been two great examples of how video can be used as an effective storytelling advertisement. Check out both of these videos below. Neither were done by big Hollywood Studios, or six-figure animation companies like Pixar. And both are amazing. The results are in… Video works.

FunnerVids Now An Official Partner

That’s how we do it around here! Check us out on the (The Company Corporation) official partner page. We’re up there with Google and Amex, and Vistaprint. Hey, they must like us! We are kinda cool. 🙂

FunnerVids company corporation

Video Book Trailer: Amaze Every Customer

We just wrapped an “amazing” new video book trailer for author Shep Hyken who wrote the book Amaze Every Customer. Shep knows that if you want to get people’s attention quickly and effectively, then you need to use the power of video to explain what problems you solve for them quickly in a way that is more than just some words on a page.

You can see how Shep uses the video front and center on his author website to sell more books. Visit

Sumbola Video Demo

We made this fantastic explainer video for Sumbola, a company that is revolutionizing the publishing business. This video includes a professional voice actor track.

Meet Marty, Our Newest Video Voiceover Talent

Listen to the sultry-sounds of Marty’s voice by clicking play below. You can choose Marty to do the voice over for your next FunnerVids order. Just order today and tell us you want Marty!


Author Marketing Club Video Demo

The Author Marketing Club is a free resource for authors to promote their books, learn about book marketing and reach new readers. Readers use Author Marketing Club to discover and learn about new books and new authors. This video explains what the site is and how it works and why exactly people need to use it.

Schumacher Homes Explainer Video Demo

“FunnerVids made us a video that explains our core benefits much better and faster. We would certainly use them again.” – Jeffrey Gannon | Marketing Manager, Schumacher Homes

Sometimes you just can’t explain what you want through words. This video for Schumacher Homes explains to potential home buyers how Schumacher can customize anything they want in their new home. We were able to show the hand drawn effect to illustrate how a simple home plan could be modified and upgraded very easily, giving the customer a clear idea of how they could do anything.

Ready for your own video explanation of your business? Order a FunnerVids video today.

2013 Is The Year To Finally Get A Video Done

Send yourself the gift of more sales and leads for your business in 2013. You don’t need another tie for Christmas. You need a Funner Video. Did you know that a video on your website or landing page can increase conversions by up to 75%?

The truth is that nobody reads anymore. Videos like engage and keep attention, and drive the point home. That means you can communicate your message more effectively, and therefore increase your sales and leads.

You watched this video, right? 🙂

Business Video With Voicever Demo for OX App Suite

This video for OX App Suite is a bit longer than normal, but they had a lot to say! We made this video to help them explain their unique suite of products. Need to explain to your customers what you do in a way that keeps their attention? Need to get it done fast and not spend $10,000 or more? That’s what we do.

Get your video started today. Time is wasting!

Sales Video Product Demo for Synergy Management

We created this video to help Synergy quickly and easily explain how they help print managers and buyers save money and time with their printing jobs. Sometimes a video just works better than reading. Actually, that is the case always. Haha.

When you make a video like this with us you pay a tenth of what you would pay with a big, fancy over-priced video production firm. Our videos may not be as fancy, but they work just as well, and you can get them done fast and affordably. Plus, we’re more funner to work with. 🙂

Trade Show Video for Business Example: NNEP

We created this video for the NNEP Embroidery Trade Show. They needed a video promoting their big yearly event. The problem was that most people just tune out text and blog content. This video helps explain why you need to go to the show, in engaging pictures, words and with fun music.

That’s what a great video for your business can do. Choose for your explainer video. We do it for less!

New Video For Business: OEConnection Demo

We created this video to showcase how a company (OEConnection) could easily explain their new custom website creation tool for dealers. That’s what we do. We help make you fun, fast and powerful videos for your business that get your customers to stand up and pay attention, and act!

That means more sales and leads for your business, and more money in your pocket.

And the client said what??? Read their testimonial below

“We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed working with FunnerVids. You not only made the process enjoyable but helped us bring our new product to market with a creative, fun introduction video that has already garnered numerous positive comments from customers who like the new approach. We’ll be back for more videos shortly for other products. Thanks again.” – Geo Money (OEConnection | Marketing Manager)

Information Video, Product Demo or Explainer Video?

So what is the correct terminology for these types of videos? Good question. The answer is they all have different purposes and should be called something different accordingly.

An explainer video is a video designed to “explain” a problem and provide a solution. These videos are usually under two minutes (or less) in length and are VERY effective in getting customers to pay attention and take action.

An information video, or product demo video, is more of a video that talks about a project, or event, or launch, or service/solution offering. It’s the same thing, sort of, but focuses less on the super quick explanation. These types of videos can be longer and wordier.

So that’s it. It’s all the same really. Call it whatever you want. The point is, these types of videos work. Did you order yours yet?

Why Your Business Needs An Explainer Video?

The team at Piehole put together a nice infopraphic about why your business needs an explainer video. Check it out. They’re right! Click to make it bigger.

The Average Attention Span in 2012 is 8 Seconds

WOW! Be quick about telling people what you do and what you’re about, eh? Here’s the source of that stat. This stat is pretty funny because there’s another stat in there that shows that a goldfish has a 9-second attention span.

So let’s get this straight? Humans can only focus for 3-seconds longer than a goldfish?

The point is that as small business owners and marketers we have NO CHOICE but to be quick about it. That’s what explainer videos do. They get the message across quick and keep the customer’s attention. That’s 90% of the battle these days.

Have you considered a sales video for your business? You should. We charge $999 and can have a powerful explainer video created for you in no time. One that will engage your visitors and make them understand what you offer.

Did you know? The average explainer video is watched on average for about 2.7 minutes, compared with 28% of website text shown to be read on average.

Meet Jacq, Our Female Voice Over Pro

We’ve added another professional to our funner family. Meet Jacq, our female professional voice actor. Jacq is ready to be the voice of your next Funner video. Ready to work with her? Simply order today, then you’ll be given the option to add Jacq’s voice after your order.