What Is FunnerVids?

First off, yes, we know funner isn’t a word. But it should be! FunnerVids is an inexpensive fun solution for business owners who need business explainer videos. You know, that short video you put on your home page that explains what you do in a quick and easy manner that gets people to pay attention and convert???

Competitors of ours want you to pay upwards of $10-$20k. Well, not everyone can afford that. And while those types of videos are truly amazing, they also take months to complete, and frankly, do you really want to drop $20,000 on a video? For $999, FunnerVids will make you a short, fun explainer video you can use to promote a project or your website/software/whatever. Like our examples? Great, order today.

Who Is FunnerVids?

FunnerVids is created and operated by JFK Services, LLC. Jim Kukral is the President and CEO. For over 16-years, Jim has been helping small and large business owners and brands find ways to make more money and generate more leads and publicity online. Read more about Jim by visiting JimKukral.com

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